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Nov. 23rd, 2008 06:31 pm
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These are posts which are a little more autobiographical, if you're at all interested in knowing who I am as a person and not a random, faceless entity on the Internet. Most of these posts are f-locked, but if you friend me I'll probably friend you back.

Autobiographical post time
About Me Meme
Voice Post
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So far I have started two discussions on topics related to writing.

On feedback (f-locked because I mock)
Writing Process (or Procrastination at Its Finest)
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Fics are arranged first gen, het, slash, or other, and then by primary pairing or character (if applicable).


Greater Distances. A character-study of Daphne as she manifests her power. Rated G.
Black White Gray. A character-study of the Haitian. Rated G.
Got Any Change?. Character study of a Level Five prisoner, Danny Pine. Rated G.
Lyle Bennet: Transdimensional Traveler! - Lyle Bennet's superpower is crack fic. WIP; link takes you to all chapters. Rated G.


An Unusual Agreement. Adam/Monica, rated R. A maid's uniform makes for good roleplaying. Warning: roleplaying a dub-con situation.
Girlfriend. Doyle/Claire, rated NC-17. Doyle's looking for love the wrong way. Warning: contains noncon.
The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her.... Haitian/Elle, rated NC-17. After years of working together, it was actually love...
Extraordinary Again. Hiro/Claire, rated R. Hiro unwittingly crashes Claire's Christmas party, but she's glad to see a familiar face.
Cross My Heart. Knox/Claire, rated NC-17. WIP that explores their relationship in the third season's alternate future.
Sure Thing, Sweetheart. Knox/Claire, rated NC-17. Claire's bored, Knox is willing...
Sentinel. Matt/Daphne, rated PG. What if, in trying to change the future, you actually caused it to happen? Warning: Possible character death.
Coriander Eyes. Matt/Daphne, rated PG-13. Matt makes good chili... really good chili.
Eskimo Kisses. Matt/Daphne, rated NC-17. Matt and Daphne finally have the apartment to themselves.
You're Sexy/I Know. Matt/Daphne, rated NC-17. Warning: pregnancy sex.
The Best Part About Dating a Speedster. Matt/Daphne, rated NC-17. Here's a clue: it's a quickie. Warning: oral sex.
I Don't Know About Tomorrow. Matt/Daphne, rated G. A constant cycle of escape and recapture wasn't easy on their relationship.
In the Back of His Mind. Matt/Daphne, rated G. Daphne and Matt are together, but they both have someone else in mind...
The Long Run. Matt/Daphne, rated G. "I don't know about tomorrow, but the future is something I do know."
Rough, Isn't It?. Mohinder/Elle, rated G. Instead of going to the Bennets' house, Elle shows up in Mohinder's lab when her powers turn on her.
Partners. Mohinder/Elle, rated R. Mohinder has to deal with his mischievous new partner.
Discharges and Distractions. Mohinder/Elle, rated R. Mohinder had just wanted just a moment alone in his lab - a moment to reassess, a moment to reexamine, a moment to recover - but Elle was being a distraction.
Science on Your Mind. Mohinder/Elle, rated PG-13. She smiled at him. He smiled at her. It was really awkward.
Flicker. Mohinder/Elle, rated NC-17. Mohinder comforts Elle while she's chained at Pinehearst. Warning: oral sex.
On the Rag. Mohinder/Elle, rated R. Mohinder isn't turned off... Warning: period sex.
The Package. Mohinder/Elle, rated NC-17. Elle gets a package! Horrible innuendo intended. Warning: strap-on, roleplaying sex.
New Tricks. Mohinder/Elle, rated NC-17. Elle keeps Mohinder as her pet. Warning: dub-con.
Lab Work. Mohinder/Elle, rated R. Clumsiness and frustration are really manifestations of sexual tension.
Recovering From the Shock, rated PG-13. Mohinder/Elle. Yeah, it totally counted as sex.
Untouched. Noah/Elle, rated R. Elle is obsessed with the man in the horn-rimmed glasses.
A Bitter Taste. Noah/Elle, rated NC-17. Elle's agitation brought out his fatherly instinct, and he reached out and placed his hand on her shoulder.
Good Father. Noah/Elle, rated NC-17. "Please - call me Daddy," he said, and he hugged her close once again before falling backwards onto the bed with her. Warning: incestuous thoughts.
A Good Occasion for Champagne. Noah/Sandra, rated R. What the Bennets are up to when the kids aren't home.
Sexy Company. Noah/???, rated R. Someone's got a daddy kink. Warning: Angela Petrelli. I don't know, it seemed like a funny warning...
Things to Be Broken. Peter/Elle, with some Claire and possibly others. AU starts from episode 3.07. WIP, rated G.
Three-Story Fall. Sylar/Claire, rated PG-13. Claire's been pursuing Sylar, but how quickly the tables turn... Warning: violence.
Odalisque. Sylar/Claire, rated PG-13. Sylar and Claire are always drawn to one another, but can never forgive one another either. Warning: baby in danger.
Imperative. Sylar/Claire, rated R. Sylar finally gives in to his evolutionary imperative. Warning: Non-con.
Spring (Verb, Intransitive). Sylar/Claire, rated PG-13. She realizes there's no reason to be afraid of him any longer; he's taken what he wanted from her already, right?
Make Fast Your Moorings. Sylar/Claire, rated PG-13. Someone had once told him to find an anchor, something to return to, something to provide stability and confidence in the face of an uncertain future. He realized that an anchor was something he needed in his life... Something, or someone. Warning: implied dub-con, baby in danger.
So Hard It Hurts. Sylar/Daphne, rated NC-17. She loves the exhilaration of being illicit... she loves being the bad girl for once. Warning: oral sex.
Sylar and Shiraz. Sylar/Elle, rated G. Sylar holds Claire hostage for some girl talk about his ex. Warning: crack.
Gabriel Gray's Rules of Parenting.Sylar/Elle, rated G. A look at Gabriel Gray as a single parent.
Screwed. Sylar/Elle, rated G. Mohinder finds Elle at Pinehearst, but realizes she's not alone.
Noah's First Birthday. Sylar/Elle, rated G. Unabashed fluff with baby Noah.
Beyond Repair. Sylar/Elle, rated PG. There had to be a way to wind her up again, to get her running, to bring her back...
Even More Violent. Sylar/Elle, rated PG-13. Drabble.
Not Those Kind of People. Sylar/Elle, rated NC-17. Straight-up PWP (porn with powers!). Warning: rough sex.
Indian Burn. Sylar/Elle, rated NC-17. Sylar kidnaps Elle on a cross-country killing spree, while others try to stop him. A twisted Sylar/Elle with Angela, Peter, Claire, and HRG. Warning: possible dub-con, pregnancy sex, violence.
The Mystery of Whale Migration. Sylar/Elle, rated NC-17. Sylar wants to be Gabriel Gray again, and for that he needs Elle's help. AU from the end of Season Two. Warning: accidental facial?
Angel with a Broken Watch. Sylar/Elle. What if Elle had taken Bennet's suggestion and stayed in Queens with Gabriel Gray? WIP rated PG-13.


Five Ways to Use Your Favorite Toy. Claire/Elle, rated NC-17. Two words: fingertip vibrators. Warning: sex toys.
Be Grateful, You Bitch. Claire/Elle, rated R. Elle shocks Claire out of a mopey mood. Strappado. Claire/Elle, rated NC-17. Claire has to pay for what she's done, and Elle's going to take it in trade. Warning: BDSM themes gone horribly awry.
Striptease. Claire/Elle, rated R. Claire takes home a drunken Elle.
A Suitable Shirt. Luke/Sylar, rated NC-17. Luke shows up at Gabriel Gray's doorstep in Costa Verde, looking for help.
A New Scarf. Matt/Mohinder, rated PG-13. Mohinder has two cures for homesickness: purchasing colorful scarves and Matt Parkman.
Three Wodehouse AUs. Mohinder/Adam, rated R. Warning: crack.
Underwire. Mohinder/Peter, rated NC-17. Mohinder and Peter are looking for drag. Warning: oral sex.
A Little Dirty Laundry. Sylar/Mohinder, rated R. Sylar comes in his pants.
Downpour. Sylar/Mohinder, rated R. In the virus future, Mohinder finds a cure while Sylar suffers from the disease. Warning: possible character death.

Other (threesomes, multiple pairings, etc.)

The Gift. Adam/Monica/Elle. Elle brings Adam a gift to his cell. Rated R.
Arthur Petrelli Ships Syelle. Warning: crack. Rated PG-13.
Lot and His Daughter - Kind of a character study of Bob Bishop and his daughter, Elle; Warning: implied incest/molestation. Rated R.
In Order to Know Love - She simply thought that was the way fathers loved their daughters. Bob and Elle, Warning: contains incest/child molestation. Rated R.
Proper Punishment. Bob goes to drastic lengths to punish his daughter. Warning: contains noncon, incest, bondage. The hell-in-a-handbasket special... Rated NC-17.
The Middle-man. PWP with Matt/Mohinder/Elle. Rated NC-17.
Electrified, Times Seven. Six people Elle never had sex with, and one she did. Adam/Elle, Haitian/Elle, HRG/Elle, Peter/Elle, Mohinder/Elle, Claire/Elle, and Sylar/Elle. Rated NC-17.
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A is for Apple. Brittany, rated G. Angsty little drabble.

Berry for Breakfast. Puck/Rachel, rated PG. Rachel wakes up to a strange visitor in her bed....

Cleaning Up. Quinn/Rachel, rated NC-17. Shower sex. Warning: contains oral sex.

Feel What Love Is. Brittany/Tina, rated NC-17. Brittany and Tina are paired together to work on their ballads. Warning: Contains oral sex.

Gray to Gold. Quinn/Rachel, rated NC-17. Some people aren't getting any sleep at the pre-sectionals slumber party. Warning: Contains mutual masturbation.

Just One. Puck/Quinn, rated PG-13. It's true that he's no Mr. Right, but that's only part of the problem. He just hasn't found the right girl yet.

Mail Fail. Finn/Brittany, rated R. Finn and Brittany have awkward accidental sex.

Step Ball Change. OT4 fic: Rachel/Puck/Quinn/Finn quadrangle, with ensemble subplot, rated PG. Rachel, Puck, Finn, and Quinn try to sort out their relationships with one another, while Brittany tries to make new friends in glee club. WIP: link will take you to all tagged entries.

Sure Thing, Mr. Schue. Gen fic featuring Quinn and Will Schuester, rated PG. When Quinn has no one else to turn to, Mr. Schuester is there for her.

Yes We Cane. Sue Sylvester/Sarah Palin, rated PG-13. Sue Sylvester has a history with a new Sue's Corner fan.
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Defying Metaphor - A look at how Logan's relationship with Veronica Mars evolves and devolves.

Leave the Light on For Me - This AU addresses how Veronica and Logan might have stuck together and supported one another after Lilly's death.

Who Do You Think You Are? - Sylar finds an eerily familiar face at Hearst College. Crossover with Heroes.


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