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Not technically a "hit or miss" poll, but whatevs, bear with me. This poll is about feedback.

This poll is prompted by something I just read on [ profile] fanficrants that I personally see a lot - the "Please continue" or similar sentiment put as a review to a one-shot or complete story. I can see why it's a little annoying, especially when the fic is marked "complete" and there's nothing more to the review, but I don't necessarily think it's a rant-worthy complaint.

When I examine my own comment-leaving habits, I notice that lately I've been terrible at it. I read things without actually reading and if I leave a comment it's not actual feedback but usually something silly (i.e. "OMG LYLE!"). And the funny thing is, that's my least favorite type of feedback to receive. (Personally, though, my biggest pet peeve is text-speak, but I think that's mostly my background teaching English shining through). I blame RL, but it's still kind of shitty of me to do that.

So what are your feedback preferences? Do you tend to leave encouragement or concrit? Are you enthusiastic or mitigated in your responses? If you find a spelling error in the fic, do you leave that in the comments, email the author, or let it be? If someone leaves you a comment you don't like, what can you (or do you) do about it?

What about your reading-to-commenting ratio? Do you comment on everything you read, or do you just read and enjoy and move on? I know some people, like [ profile] sarahetc, strive to comment on everything they read, which is admirable, but not always plausible.

As usual, dinner ice cream discussion after the poll, if you're up to it.

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So we've already been over what we like to see in titles, summaries, ratings, and warnings. There's not much wank-free territory left to cover in headers, but still I persevere in poll-making.

Last category to do: length. Do you like to indulge in something epic? Do you prefer your fic in bite-sized portions? Do you perhaps give something a try because it's short, and thus you won't waste a lot of time? Or is a fic only worth your while if it has a lot to offer, verbosely speaking?

Rules are pretty self-explanatory at this point; jump in on discussions if you feel so inclined!

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So when it comes to ratings, there's not much that we won't read, although we seem to prefer the more adult-themed fic. There's not much interest in G-rated fics (although they can be difficult to find) and most people aren't interested if it's not rated at all (with good reason).

This next poll is to determine what warnings will intrigue you, and what warnings will instantly turn you away. Since warnings can be for nearly anything (gay sex! incest! bad weather!) this one was a little difficult to make a poll for. I broke it down into five primary kinds of warnings with room to add your own kinks. Anything else that occurs to you, of course, is welcome in the comments!

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Well, the results are in on titles, and damned if they aren't mixed. All that has definitively come from that is that pretty much no one wants to read about herbal ocular orbs, but everyone unanimously is intrigued by dirty laundry. In which case - hey, what are you guys doing this weekend? I got some chores y'all could work on for me.

But enough about titties titles. Let's see what ratings we like to hit or miss! This poll is set up a little differently - ticky box style. Simply check the options you'd rather hit, and then mark the ones you'd rather miss.

As per usual, there will be refreshments discussion immediately following the poll.

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Okay, so from the summary poll, there's not a whole lot of information that can be deduced logically, besides the fact that shorter summaries work better than longer summaries, and that nearly all of you should be reading my Claire/Knox fic. But summaries aren't the only thing included in headers, and so we must continue this descent into poll-driven madness and determine what else might appeal to people.

Titles. Titles are even worse than summaries. They have to be even shorter, and they have to be memorable. Like a summary, a title can make or break it for your fic.

So here you go. Same rules as before - click hit or miss based on the title alone. Again, comments are welcome and encouraged.

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I've come up with a new game! I'm calling it "Hit or Miss."

Basically I just want to figure out what people like in fic - which characters, which pairings, what genres - what draws you in the most. Let's face it, this is fanfiction, and it's not always the quality of the writing that makes people want to read it.

Today I'm bringing you "Hit or Miss: Summary Edition." The rules are easy - simply read the summary and decide if you'd hit that or miss it. Take as long as you want to. Don't worry too much about it if the pairing or characters are clear - just decide whether the summary is enticing enough to lure you into clicking.

If you feel at all inclined, you can explain your decisions in the comments.

[Poll #1359771]

I swear to Beetlejuice I'll do something productive at some point today.


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