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There really is no reasonable explanation as to why I love this show so damn much suddenly. Anyway, enjoy more Glee-related stuff in this post.

Anyway, for all the bad Glee fic I've been reading lately, there are a still a few gems that are worth sharing. So, here, have some recs:

  • [ profile] andbless_mybaby broke my Glee fic cherry with waging wars to shake the poet (Puck/Rachel, rated R). It's angsty and smutty, for the most part, but punctuated with random moments of humor (mostly at Rachel's expense... and Emma's...). Anyway, if you've read any of her Heroes fics, you know [ profile] andbless_mybaby can bring it like nobody's business. And by "it" I mean awesomeness.

  • don't do sadness is heavy on the Puck/Rachel UST without being outright shippy. It also has some nice Quinn/Rachel moments.

  • I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song is a Puck-centric fic which explores his relationships with the other gleeks. (Note: The link will take you to the author's memorable entries, where all five parts are linked. I would have just linked the first part but it lacks linkage to the others.)

    If anyone else has found some great stuff, please share! I'm not picky about ships or characters and I have yet to find really good fic that focuses on characters besides Puck. Dude's nice to look at and all (and he can "Sweet Caroline" me anytime... totally gonna make that a double entendre somehow), but I need some variety!

    Now for the sake of complete silliness - I've decided that Howard Bamboo is my fandom bicycle. I might have to work on satisfying some Rule 34...
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    Yes, I spent several hours just now going back and reading over the kink meme. I'm thorough about my smut, 'kay? Besides that, I found some new fics that hadn't been posted since the last time I really looked through the meme, and I stopped and read a few others as well. So here we go again - more recs )

    And now for something completely different - this is my favorite thread at the kink meme. Oh, Lyle, you're better than a hundred Edward Cullens any day.
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    The kink meme has obviously stolen all my free time lately. I don't prompt a lot, so most of my prompts have already been answered (if someone feels like tackling some Claire/Knox, that'd be hot plus awesome equals hawesome), and I've answered probably at least one prompt on every page now, because I have no life.

    But enough about me. Let's talk a little bit about my likes. Kink meme rec time!

    Morning After - A fantastic Nathan/Elle ficlet. Just enough of the right ingredients - pr0n, characterization, humor. Must-read!
    Don't Get All Het About It - Sylar/Elle... Mylar? Eclaire? What am I reading?
    Who's the Spider Now? - Sylar asks "What the hell is this?!" Answer: It's awesome, Sylar. It's awesome.
    I forgot the raisins! - Noah/Sandra hilarity. Reminds me of a peanut-buttery incident in my own life which I shall only ever obliquely refer to.
    Ando/Daphne - A good how-to guide of how to have sex in a movie theater. Oh, and also angst.
    Angela/Elle - Angela teaches Elle about "etiquette."
    Ando/Daphne - More like Ando/Daphne/Motorcycle.
    Elle/Claire - I don't know why, but I love it when sex occurs on furniture.
    Elle Lewinsky - Because I'm a sucker for alternate timelines, and Sylar is president.
    Getting Off Early - I love blatant come-ons! And also Gabriel/Elle.
    5YG - Nathan!Sylar/Claire - This one's fucked up and dark, but I liked fucked up and dark.

    And now some of my dislikes - actually, only one. What is going on here? I don't think it's wrong to post more than one response to a prompt, especially if they were taking it in different directions. I don't know - seeing that one comment just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
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    I'm in an overthinkity mood today, so I'm going to discuss shipping. This post is going to be all about my favorite het couples, because I tend to lean more towards het than slash, but if I'm feeling extra ambitious I might make a slash post later. Join in if you want, or list and describe your ships in your own journals, whatever floats your boat.

    As a bonus, I've included recs for some of my favorite pairings. Spoilers are inherent, though, so enter at your own risk.

    I try to be an equal-opportunity shipper. )

    So I've shown you mine... now you show me yours! What do you think of these pairings? What pairings do you prefer? Any fic you'd care to share?

    I'll share my ice cream cake.
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    I meant to do this earlier, but I got lost in organizing tags and updating my fic masterlist yesterday, so here it is now. I just wanted to share some of the fics that I really enjoyed from the [ profile] heroes_exchange, especially now that all the authors have been revealed. This is by no means a comprehensive list (I haven't gotten around to reading everything yet, so I might add more later), and it's got a few different pairings/ratings/prompts that you might not be interested in reading, but I suggest at least clicking. Who knows, you might like it after all!

    Recs within! )

    These were the fics that were written for me this year, the first for [ profile] heroes_exchange and the second for the [ profile] sylarelle Secret Santa.

    I love presents. )

    As long as I'm posting a buttload of links now anyway, I thought I'd pimp out the stories I wrote for the exchange as well. Annapolis, 1989 details how Nathan Petrelli and Meredith Gordon first met, and Extraordinary Again has Hiro accidentally showing up at Claire's Christmas party. I'll be posting these to my own journal soon, but I don't want to be spammy, so I'll probably backdate them and then link them on the masterlist.


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