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cruiscin_lan ([personal profile] cruiscin_lan) wrote2020-11-16 10:13 am

Friending Policy

Fic and fandom-related stuff is mostly accessible (and I will try to keep it that way as long as possible) but I do love making new friends. I will friend back nearly everyone who friends me (unless you're a Russian bot) but sometimes it takes a while for me to notice. If you leave a comment here, maybe say a little bit about yourself and why we'd be BFFL, I'll get to it much sooner.

If you're here for the fic, I've started keeping my stories organized in separate masterlists by fandom:

Glee | Heroes | Veronica Mars

And, let's not lie - I love getting reviews or comments. It doesn't matter how old the story is, or what you have to say about it. I really do appreciate just knowing someone out there read something of mine.

Awesome? Awesome.

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