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friends cut

So I just went ahead and did a massive, massive friends cut. If you can read this, you're probably not my friend anymore. And you know why? Here's a list of reasons you may have been cut:

Actually I didn't cut anyone, you guys. April Fools! Yeah, this prank was kind of not awesome, but it's the best I can do from my work computer. All that Rule 34 porn will have to wait until next year.

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I missed you and your dorky sense of humor on my flist.

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You're adorable. <3
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It's good that you're back. <3

How is real life treating you?

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I just realized why I missed you.

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Whoa, I hadn't even realized you were back! /always out of the loop

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You're ridic bb. but like so many here, I've missed you like whoa. Glad you're back.

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LOL I thought this seemed OOC for you!


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Blargh lol!

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I actually sat there for a couple of minutes going "WAIT, HOW CAN YOU FILTER A PUBLIC POST TO PEOPLE YOU AREN'T FRIENDED TO? HOW DID YOU DO THAT? WOAH."

And then I clicked the cut and felt very, very silly. : (

(But yay, it's good to see you around more! ♥ )

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THIS!! I was all like, how'd she do that?!

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I cheated. I hovered over your userpic and it told me we were still friends ;D

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omg i hate april fools because i'm the most gullible person on the face of the planet :(


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I love my "never believe anything you read on April 1st" rule. :D

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I HAD A MOMENT OF :/ here.

Now I'm all 8D. Sooo....good prank, my friend!

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Awww, I was actually looking forward to the reasons why I was cut :)

Happy April Fools! :)

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there was much lol-age.

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Oh, you!