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For the fandom auctions going on right now, is anyone offering or know anyone who's offering beta/proofreading services for original fiction? I've seen a couple of listings but no names that I recognize, and I'm a little hesitant to bid on a total stranger.

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Hey! You're back!!!!


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also hi there harrison ford. love that icon!

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I've only come across one person and I didn't know him/her, but I didn't look through all of the offerings. Sorry to not be more help.

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It's okay, I found that [ profile] help_japan has a delicious account which sorts the offerings! It's pretty amazing!

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I don't know of anyone. If you want to make a bid I can make an offer? I have been trying to think of something else to put up to raise funds.

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What's that, now? I haven't coffeed up entirely yet. Reading comprehension failure.

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Original fiction? I'm squeeing with both YAY and THAT'S what you've been doing!

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Don't get excited, I don't know if it's crap yet!