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FIC: Win-Win

Title: Win-Win
Characters: Will/Sue
Word Count: ~1700
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: If I owned Glee all proceeds would go to the Howard Bamboo Legal Defense Fund.
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers up to "Sectionals," contains cunnilingus and pegging.
Summary: But the problem was this: for Sue Sylvester, anger and arousal had always gone hand in hand.
A/N: Written for [ profile] yetanothermask, who won me in the [ profile] help_haiti fandom auction. Thanks to [ profile] kathrynthegr8 and [ profile] cameroncrazed for beta'ing!

It was the hair.

Sue had lied when she told Will that she couldn't help picturing small birds laying sulfurous eggs in his curls. She only feigned her repulsion to disguise her constant, unrelenting obsession. In moments of weakness, she'd succumb to fantasies of running her fingers through his luscious lesbian locks, twisting his curls around her knuckles and pulling so hard that the pain would inspire Schuester to reach new musical heights as he cried out. Sometimes she'd catch herself thinking of his hair when she lingered too long in the teachers' lunchroom, letting her gaze fall on it, glinting gold when the sunshine poured in through the window at just the right angle.

But Sue Sylvester was a woman who controlled her urges - not one who let her urges control her. She made for herself a strict "look but don't touch" policy when it came to William Schuester, and it was easy enough to adhere to.

That is, until Glee Club.

Sure, she was pissed that Figgins let that pathetic herd of backne-ridden mouthbreathers steal away part of her much-needed budget. She was even madder when her Cheerios and some football players began defecting. She was incensed when Schue flunked her athletic all-stars so they couldn't participate in extra-curriculars. If she didn't know any better, she would have sworn that the Glee Club was responsible for inseminating her head cheerleader, forcing her removal from the squad.

But the problem was this: for Sue Sylvester, anger and arousal had always gone hand in hand. The more William Schuester infuriated her with his mere existence, the more difficult it became to suppress her increasingly frequent and vivid fantasies. During the whole mattress debacle, she couldn't help but speculate abut the naughty things that may have been going on in Schue's music room. When Schue admitted in Figgins' office that he was leaving his wife, she felt a swell of hope in her chest. When Will and his meddling kids managed to get her suspended, it was all she could do to keep from jumping his bones in the high school hallway (fortunately, what held her back was the example set by Sandy Ryerson earlier in the school year. There was no way she'd thrive in a basement apartment).

And so she waited. Like a spider carefully constructing its web, Sue patiently laid out her plans and then lay in wait for Schue to fall into her trap. It was after her suspension was lifted - she'd gone to her timeshare in Boca and had browned up quite nicely. The time off left her feeling energized. And it was time for her to expend that energy in a way she'd been anticipating for weeks.

She offered him a truce between herself and the Glee Club, if only he'd meet her in her office after school hours. The hallways were silent; the only thing that could be heard were the echoes of Will's footsteps as he approached, and with each sound Sue felt her heart skip a beat.

He knocked gently at the door, opening it and leaning in hesitantly.

"Hello, Schue," Sue said, grinning. "Why don't you have a seat?"

"All right, Sue," he replied, taking the chair closest to the door on the opposite side of her desk. He crossed one leg over the other and folded his hands in his lap, twiddling his thumbs almost nervously, as though he knew what she really wanted him for.

"Let me lay this out for you," Sue began, shuffling some papers and placing them out of the way before she leaned forward intently. "I'm willing to live and let live. I'm willing to stop trying to ruin the miserable lives of you and your little Goonie friends if you're willing to satisfy something for me."

Schue was intrigued. "What's that, Sue?"

This was it. Time to lay it all on the line. Sue knew she was making herself vulnerable here, but she figured she could always deny it later. It would be her word against his if this were to go badly.

"I want you."

Will narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "You want me? As in, you want me to help the Cheerios? You want me to take over detention for you?"

"No, you moron," Sue scowled. "I want you. Why do you think I'm trying to take you down at every turn? Why else would I make fun of your girlish hairdo so often? It's all been a knee-jerk reaction to my own desires, Schuester, and if you do this for me, just once, it'll be over."

"I almost wish you'd said something sooner."

"I beg your pardon?"

"My ex-wife wouldn't let me touch her while she was faking that pregnancy," Will admitted. "And Emma isn't exactly satisfying my needs, you know? She cried for an hour when my elbow accidentally brushed up against her breast." Will shook his head, but then he met Sue's eyes intensely. "Besides that, your constant debasement is a turn-on. You get me riled up, Sue. You get me riled up in ways no other woman can. And if you're willing to get off the Glee Club's case for this, well, it's a win-win for everyone then, isn't it?"

"I'll say it is," Sue replied.

"Well, then, let's do this," Will said, rising to his feet. He started to unbutton his cardigan. "Tell me what you want to do with me, and I'll do it."

Sue impulsively cleared her desk, letting her journal and phone and various other office supplies fall to the floor. "Not so fast, Schue," she said, grabbing him by the collar and pulling him towards her. "The sweater stays on."

He smiled wickedly in return, and hooked his fingers on the elastic waistband of her track pants. "Whatever you say goes, Sue," he said, and he pulled her clothes down as he fell to his knees. She leaned her naked ass back against the cold, hard surface of her desk as Will pressed his lips against her, working his fingers up between her thighs and stroking the soft flesh between her legs.

But, for all his efforts, Sue didn't moan in pleasure or cry out in delight. "Come on, Schuester, you can do better than that," she said instead, deriding him. "I'd have thought five years of marriage would have improved your skills, but apparently you're a little rusty in this arena." It as all she could do, though, to keep from running her fingers through his hair just then - but she knew that it would be worth waiting for.

Schue wasn't fazed by his obvious failure to get her off - perhaps by now he was used to it. "What could I do to make you come harder than your Cheerios' dance routines?"

"You think those are hard?" Sue shot back automatically. "Try being fucked by a huge-ass dildo. Now that's hard."

Will's eyes widened and his jaw dropped for a moment as Sue stepped out of her pants and went back around her desk, keying open a drawer she normally kept locked. In it she kept a ten-inch strap-on. It had bumps, ridges, grooves - it had been designed more for its intimidating qualities than for actual usage, but that wasn't going to stop Sue from fucking Will in the ass with it. Hard.

"Drop your panties, Schuester, and assume the position," Sue commanded, and he hurriedly unfastened his belt and let his pants fall to his knees. As he bent over the cleared-off surface of her desk, she came around behind him, letting the dildo rest between Will's buttcheeks as she slathered some lube on it. While she played with his dangly balls with one hand, she experimentally slid one finger into his asshole, then two. "You ever been fucked in the ass before?" she asked. "I need to know if you're a newbie or not."

"Never," Will said, gasping as Sue twirled her fingers inside him. "Terri was never into this kind of stuff. I heard it feels really good on the prostate, though."

"It does," Sue replied. "I speak from experience." With that, she removed her fingers and slowly pressed the tip of the dildo against his puckered anus, easing it into him slowly.

"Oh," he cried out. "Oh oh oh."

"You like that, huh?" Sue said, emboldened. With a jerk of her hips, the dildo plunged into him, and Will fell against the desk, moaning. "Harder?"

"Harder!" he pleaded, and Sue obliged. Finally she leaned over him and allowed herself to grab his curly hair in her fists, pulling it fiercely. She'd longed for this moment so much - hearing the way he cried out in pain made her feel tingly all over, and she thrust into him with greater force and frequency. When he came, he reached forward and gripped the opposite edge of her desk as his knees practically gave out from under him, and the sight of him limp and powerless made Sue tremble. Finally she released his hair and pulled out, satisfied.

"Sue, I'm not going to lie to you - that was amazing," Will said, wobbling back to a standing position.

"Was it, golden boy?" Sue asked. "Well, I hope you enjoyed it, because it's never going to happen again."

Will was crestfallen. "Never?"

"Not ever. We both got what we wanted. It's time to move on with our lives."

"But, Sue..."

"Pull up your pants, Schuester, you look like a pervert," Sue said, her hand on resting on her dildo. "If you think we're going to cuddle now, you're pathetically mistaken. I want you out of my office by the time I've gotten on the other side of my desk, ┬┐comprende??"

"Yes, Coach," Will stammered, hurrying to get his pants up and fasten his belt before he clumsily staggered out of the office.

From her seat behind her desk, Sue curled her lip with disdain as she watched Will stumble out the door.

The problem was this: for Sue Sylvester, disdain and desire had always gone hand in hand.

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