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Fic: First Kiss/Five Times Rachel Berry Shipped Finn/Kurt

Title: First Kiss
Characters: Finn/Kurt
Word Count: 660
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: If I owned Glee, all proceeds would go towards the Howard Bamboo Legal Defense Fund.
Spoilers/Warnings: Through "Sectionals."
Summary: Give him a kiss. Just a light one. On the cheek.
A/N: Written for a prompt at the [ profile] finnkurt comment meme.

The first time Finn kissed Kurt was completely by accident.

Regionals were fast approaching, and even though they had the set list finalized Mr. Schue kept going back and reworking the dance moves. It was more than Finn could follow, and at one rehearsal as he stepped forwards he missed the edge of the riser and began to tumble.

Kurt had been standing in front of him. As a result, he was completely flattened.

"Are you all right?" Artie asked as he wheeled towards them.

"Someone call an ambulance!" Rachel overreacted.

Puck just snickered to himself in the back, earning an elbow to the gut from Quinn.

"I'm fine!" Finn insisted. "Are you fine, Kurt?"


As Finn lifted himself onto his elbows, Kurt slowly rolled onto his back, groaning. "Next time, Finn - " he began to suggest, but his words halted at the sudden interruption of a kiss.

Finn pulled away in a panic. "I... I slipped! I just slipped!" he declared. "I didn't... I didn't mean it, honest!"

"Well, slow down there, sailor," Kurt replied cooly, although his eyes were as wide as saucers. "It was an accident. Don't worry about it."

Finn nodded and smiled in that awkward, askew way that plucked at the strings of Kurt's heart as he got up off the floor. Once upright, he offerred his hand to Kurt, "Thanks for understanding, dude," he said as he pulled Kurt to his feet.

"Oh, it's no problem," Kurt replied.


The first time Kurt kissed Finn was completely on purpose.

They'd just placed at regionals (not first, but second was pretty respectable, and they'd still go to nationals if Santana followed through on her promise to poison the other team). The bus ride home from Akron had started jubilantly, but after a long day most of the passengers had settled down. Kurt somehow found himself seated next to Finn for the latter half of the ride, and the quarterback was starting to doze off, resting his head on Kurt's shoulder.

"Oh, so cute!" Mercedes stage-whispered from the seat in front of them.

"Mercedes!" Kurt admonished. "He's sleeping!"

"That means now's your chance, Kurt!" Tina suddenly popped up, smiling and giggling next to Mercedes.

"Now's my chance for what?" Kurt asked, somewhat scandalized but still slightly curious.

"Oh, come on, you've had a crush on him since, like, last year," Mercedes gabbed. "Give him a kiss. Just a light one. On the cheek." Tina giggled even more at the suggestion.

"What have you ladies been smoking?" Kurt asked pointedly.

"Nothing," Tina replied. "But we did have some of Puck's homemade brownies!"

"I can't believe you two."

"Just a little kiss!" Mercedes insisted. "Just a little one! You won't wake him up, really!"

"Fine," Kurt relented. He was afraid that Finn would wake up to the girls' incessant giggling and babbling. A soft, gentle peck couldn't hurt, right?

But when he bent his head towards Finn's and pressed his lips to his forehead, the girls erupted a moment later with shrill cries of glee, Finn shot upright and asked what was so funny.

"Nothing!" Kurt insisted. "Nothing at all! Go back to sleep!"


The first time Finn and Kurt kissed each other was neither on purpose or by accident. It just happened.

They'd graduated a few weeks before, and even though they'd promised each other at the ceremony that they'd keep in touch, they did little more than poke one another on facebook. They ran into one another completely by chance at the grocery store.

"My mom asked me to pick up some milk," Finn said by way of greeting.

"Cool," Kurt replied. "I was just picking up some of my hydrating face wash, myself."

"Wanna come over?" Finn suggested. It was an impulsive invitation, but Kurt accepted.

After twenty or so odd rounds of Halo, Kurt put his hand on Finn's thigh. Finn set his controller down.

And then they kissed.

and then Finn remembered he left the milk on the countertop instead of putting it into the fridge oh no

Title: Five Times Rachel Berry Shipped Finn/Kurt
Characters: Finn/Kurt, Rachel Berry
Word Count: 785
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: If I owned Glee all proceeds would go to the Howard Bamboo Legal Defense Fund.
Spoilers/Warnings: Surprise femslash. Spoilers through "Sectionals."
Summary: Rachel wondered if Finn had recently acquired an interest in fashion... or an interest in something else.
A/N: Written for a prompt at the [ profile] finnkurt comment meme.


The first time Rachel Berry thought she saw something between them was when Finn drew Kurt's name from the hat for their ballad assignments in Glee. Kurt was so obviously thrilled with it at first, until Finn leaned over the piano and told Mr. Schue "I don't think I can do this with a guy."

From the corner of her eye, Rachel could see Kurt's face fall, and her heart broke a little bit for him. She knew what it was like to be rejected, and she knew especially what it was like to be rejected by Finn.


Rachel knew something was up when Finn started sitting next to Kurt in Glee practice.

At first, she was a little bit jealous. After all, she had been pining for him just as long as Kurt had, and ultimately she'd been the one to drive the wedge in his relationship with Quinn, but she was getting none of the payoff. Finn had told her that he was taking a break from dating in general, and he certainly wasn't friends with Puck anymore, so Rachel figured he just ended up sitting by Kurt sort of by the process of elimination.

But then she noticed that Kurt's face lit up with every stupid comment Finn made. It was the same way Santana looked when she was next to Brittany.


Regionals were coming up soon, Mr. Schue kept reminding them. "We might have to look into getting new costumes."

"I'll do it!" Kurt exclaimed, rising to his feet in a heartbeat.

"Thanks for volunteering, Kurt, but I think it's more than one person can handle," Mr. Schue replied. "Anyone else want to help out?"

The room was silent for a moment. Even Mercedes didn't want to devote the time to do it, since she had a solo to work on for the competition. Rachel herself was sitting on her hands; she knew Kurt wouldn't take kindly to her argyle ideals, and she felt her energy could be better spent focusing on their choreography anyway.

"I'll do it," Finn finally said. The rest of the club breathed a sigh of relief, and Rachel wondered if Finn had recently acquired an interest in fashion... or an interest in something else.


"I think there's something there between them," Rachel insisted to anyone who would listen. Mercedes mostly rolled their eyes at her, and while Tina was mildly interested, she didn't say much in reply.

"Have you noticed they're always sitting next to one another now?" she said to Puck.

"I'm surprised he didn't go totally gay earlier," he replied.

"Do you see how they look at each other at practice?" she told Artie.

"I don't have a very good point of view, to be honest," Artie answered.

"Can you imagine what they must like outside of school? I bet they cuddle and kiss!" she mentioned to Quinn.

"Okay, first, you're being weird, and second, I hope you're not insinuating that I made Finn that way," Quinn replied, one hand clutching the gold cross around her neck and the other resting on the dome of her belly. "Because when he was with me, I can promise you he was into girls."

"Things change," Rachel shrugged. "People change." She took Quinn's hand in hers, and together they walked to class.


It happened just as Rachel was beginning to wonder whether she was at all right about those two. Perhaps she'd been reading to closely into Finn and Kurt's interactions. Maybe they were just friends. There wasn't a whole lot to indicate they were anything more, after all.

But just as the idea of Finn and Kurt as an item started to fade from Rachel's mind, she walked in on them by accident.

She'd meant to see Mr. Schue in his office in the music room, but she was surprised to find Kurt there in between classes. He was making strange faces through the glass, but his eyes were closed and he did not see Rachel approach.

She swung the door open without even thinking to knock. "Kurt, have you seen Mr. Schue since -" she began, but Kurt's eyes popped open and he lost all color in his face instantly.

That's when Rachel realized that Finn was on his knees in front of him.

"Oh!" she shouted, embarrassed. "I didn't see that you were - I guess I'll just - if you see him, tell him I'll - see you later," she said, her words coming out stilted and awkward as she backed out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Still, even though her cheeks were flushing with mortification and shock, she couldn't help but allow herself a victory grin.

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